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A Thank-you Note from the 13th National Game of China

  • 2017-10-26
 The 13th National Games - was held in Tianjin from Aug 28 to Sep 8. As the main stadium, Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, nicknamed the "Water Drop", is in place for the opening ceremony and the major events. Relible power supply system is dispensable for staging such a big event, this time, Kehua perfectly proves its good competency again.

The Water Drop Stadium is the landmark building in Tianjin, covering 80,000 m2, with the maximum number of audience account for 60,000, which means it demands strict attention to power supply of illuminating system in the large stadium. In response to power traits like high starting current and low power factor in the Water Drop, the power supply solution has been designed by the specialist team from Kehua after times of site-investigation. To guarantee complete safe of the power solution, Kehua technical team has taken several times of load test and comprehensive exercise to develop a comprehensive contingency plan and prepare the corresponding spare parts. 


During the opening ceremony, a professional service team was on duty all the time and the maintenance work has carried out orderly according to the contingency plans. During the track and field event from Sep.2 to Sep.7, Kehua service team was on duty during the whole time.

During the 13th National Game, dozens units of high power Kehua UPS and hundreds of Kehua EPS have provided the reliable power support for the illuming system including the lighting metal halide lamp and emergency evacuation lighting.

A Thank-you Note from the 13th National Game of China

The Water Drop Stadium project is reconstructed from the old stadium. Despite of the heavy tasks and tight deadline, Kehua has completed the product’s process from order to site in 24 hours and perfectly finish the system installation and test in 7 days. The stadium project was in July and August, the hottest months in the year, under the tough conditions, Kehua engineers keep unremitting to finish the setup of the equipment to guarantee the fine operation for the game.

Depending on the excellent execution, Kehua was being the powerful guard for the opening ceremony and the major events in the Water Drop Stadium. After the successful operation of the game, the organizers expressed their gratitude by sending a letter of thanks:” We are so impressed by Kehua’s professional competence and efficient execution, and appreciate your great work during the game to make sure the event is successfully held.”

A Thank-you Note from the 13th National Game of China

In the 13th National Game, Kehua’s reliable power supply solution was applied in 10 important stadiums consist of the Tianjin University of Science & Technology Gymnasium, Tuanbo Sports Center Football Stadium, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Gymnasium, Tuanbo Sports Base track and field training hall, Tianjin National Games main news center and the 5 other venues, being the all-round power guard for the media reports and events including athletics, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, rugby, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, basketball, shooting.

Based on the experience of 29 years and the excellent expression in the quality and the service in power conversion and protection industry, Kehua has become the reliable power supplier for many large gymnasiums like Oyem Stadium of 2017 African Cup, the Beijing Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium, Angola National Stadium etc.

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