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A Thank-you Note - The Strong Power Backing to Telecommunication of Xiamen BRICS Summit

  • 2017-09-25

With Xiamen BRICS Summit 2017 perfectly dropping the curtain, recently a letter of thanks from China Telecom Xiamen Branch Company has been delivered to Xiamen headquarter of KEHUA. As the nominated supplier of telecommunication system, China Telecom worked together with KEHUA to make the perfect success in its mission during the event.

For an international summit meeting, the stability of telecommunication system is extremely important for the smooth progress of logistics escort. Its large scale, high density and high requirements of security posed huge challenges to the communication network capacity, thus the power back would be critical part in the overall construction that should be considered.

A Thank-you Note - The Strong Power Backing to Telecommunication of Xiamen BRICS Summit

KEHUA has been a pioneering technology leader in telecommunication industry for decades, capable of providing the IT infrastructure and critical power solution for data communication and optimization. Having been close working with China's 3 largest telecom operators (China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom for many years), KEHUA’ power solutions have been served in their data centers of more than 30 provinces and cities in nationwide. The quality of products and service are well proven to be reliable by both users and time.

KEHUA is also well known as its perfect service and technical support in consumers and big events that it has undertaken.

A Thank-you Note - The Strong Power Backing to Telecommunication of Xiamen BRICS Summit

Intended to ensure nothing falls through the cracks in the event, KEHUA technical team provided “All-round and All-day” on-site support service with fast response and quick feedback. Based on the emergency preplan for telecom IT room, KEHUA has established the organizations accordingly including business coordination team, emergency technical support, On-duty group, logistics team. All these departments assume their respective roles and work together to fulfill their responsibilities.

By means of its highly organized and efficient service team, KEHUA kept an excellent track record of "Zero interrupt, zero breakdown, zero omission" to guarantee the telecommunication system running of China Telecom during the BRICS Summit. As a reward, China Telecom is lavish in their praise of KEHUA company in the letter. And it is believed that the bilateral cooperation will be further strengthened actively in the future with deepening of mutual trust.

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