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Energy Storage Project for Mingyang Wind Power, China

Energy Storage Project for Mingyang Wind Power
Project Overview:
The project is located in Daqing, Heilongjiang where the weather is extremely cold with sandstorm in winter.

Kehua's Solution:
Customize the Electrical System Solution for Container Energy Storage with PCS Booster Transformer suitable for strong wind and extreme cold environment as required, including 500kW PCS and 690V booster transformer, 10-feet container, 500KW/1.2MWh energy storage system and corresponding protection and control system.

Significance & Value:
1. Solve the large fluctuation in power generation of WTG, such as smoothing of output curve of WTG, storage of discarded wind, and auxiliary
frequency modulation of wind farm, etc.
2. Solve the unstable renewable energy generation
3. Play a powerful role in regulating and supporting the scheduling and stability of power grid

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