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First Time, the Domestic UPS - Kehua UPS Applies in 100,000-ton FPSO

  • 2017-06-30

In May, Kehua’s professional marine UPS was successfully installed in the core power control system of "Offshore Oil 116", making it be the first Chinese domestic brand on board displacing the foreign players.

"Offshore Oil 116" locates in Wenchang Oilfield Group of south China sea- The 100K DWT level FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading), has created a record of 200 ships, 88 million barrels of crude outputs in in the past 10 years.

FPSO is a Floating Production Storage & Offloading unit, integrated of oil production, storage and unloading. The unit pumps the oil-gas-water mixture flow out of the downhole by subsea pipelines, then it's processed into refined crude oil and natural gas.

Marine work is total  different from where in continent due to unstable environments, such as the  impacts of waves, sea winds, and extreme weathers, which requires a full-time  capability and reliability during the operation, meanwhile the UPS power supply  thus plays quite an important role in the whole system.

When generator set in good condition, UPS plays a crucial part in frequency stabilization, voltage stabilization and isolation from high harmonic interferences, to prevent the malfunction or damage to key equipment caused by generator wobble or the start and stop of inductive equipment.

In case of undesirable generator interrupts or the switch tripping accidentally, UPS still continues to provide high quality power supply as well, avoiding the accidental interruption of operation in FPSO, thereby ensure the safety of production.

The performance of Kehua UPS system has been in good working condition since it came into effect.  The safety and reliability of system is also praised by the user.

Kehua keeps a leading provider in power supply industry of China, rich in 29 years of experience in power supply technology and solutions, ranking No.1 in China domestic market for 19 years. Based on the solid R&D strengths, Kehua has developed a reliable series of industrial-grade power solution including in marine engineering, which widely applied in scientific research vessels, Fishery survey ships, maritime surveillance ships.

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