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Kehua Energy Storage New Breakthrough for Shenzhen Green Travel

  • 2016-06-29

Kehua has successfully won the biding of green power provide for Shenzhen Futian public transit hub EV charging station. With the fast develop of green public transportation, concentrated and fast electric charging will put heavy impact on network load and power rate, in order to minify the impact effect to the electricity network from the large power rate of bus charging, huge bus charging station like Futian Transit Hub request for an safe, efficient and intelligent Micro Energy Storage System to protect the power supply.

An innovative Micro Energy Storage Solution was provided from Kehua: base on the charging, add up the photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system to build up and intelligent electric network interaction, successfully become the green power supply. In the meantime, by using the load shifting method, provide high efficient power to the electric bus charging. In this project, Kehua has use the container design, high reliable battery pack, on and off-gird controller cabinet and other facilities, with high level protection, increase the electric power efficiency of load shifting, switch between on and off-grid, in the meantime provide the backup power supply for the office facilities and backup EV charger.

Micro-grid station level monitoring system to allow easier operation and maintenance

Kehua monitoring system PMS3000, in accordance with no-one (or few people) on duty station design, enabling real-time monitoring and communications network throughout the distribution system, and also achieve seamless connection with all kinds of third party system (for example: BAS, SCADA, DCS, plant EMS, etc.), greatly improving the quality and management level of power supply system, effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Kehua Tech, as the Top Chinese power electronics equipment supplier, has been focused on the power conversion innovation and manufacture for 28years. Kehua energy storage system include:

1. Grid-tied energy storage inverter PCS

Kehua PCS100~PCS500 series bi-directional inverters are designed for large commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications, capable continuous net discharge power with the grid-tied bi-directional invertersfor four quadrant energy storage applications in both grid tied and microgrid applications. PCS100~PCS500 energy storage inverters product offering is an integrated solution containing all required protective features, as well as an AC output breaker and DC disconnect switch, utilize advanced digital controllers for management of real and reactive power, system monitoring, and protection.

2. PCS &Battery combination

Strategic cooperation with top lithium battery and Pb-C battery companies, and base on the self-energy internet, Kehua has become the ideal container ESS solution supplier. By integrating batteries, thermal management and controls, 100 kWh to 500 kWh for commercial applications like peak shaving and load shifting, to 10MWh+ systems for renewable firming, microgrids, ancillary services, and a variety of other services for utilities.

3. Residential rooftop PV & ESS

Kehua customized grid-tied energy storage inverters and micro grid or off-grid energy storage system has been widely used in America and Asia, and look to further increase in Europe, except for large commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications, Kehua also launch the SPH series residential rooftop PV &energy storage system, with smart EMS for all working modes, save electricity costs through enabling self-consumption of solar and evening use of shifted PV power, help promote energy independence.

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