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KEHUA Supplies 1.5MW Distributed System for Thai Rooftop Solar Project

  • 2017-09-29

KEHUA successfully commissioned 1.5MW distributed systems for a giant textiles factory in Thailand, which has been nicely connected to local grid at the end of September. The 1.5 MW rooftop project will generate about 2.5 million kWh of electricity annually and it is expected to a reduction of 10 million Thai Baht (about 300,000 USD) in electricity cost per year.

KEHUA Supplies 1.5MW Distributed System for Thai Rooftop Solar Project


At the moment, Thailand is making full efforts to promote the national development strategy of "Thailand 4.0", renewable energy source is definitely to be a leading role in energy-saving and emission-reduction for traditional high energy consuming industries as manufacturing, petrochemical etc.


In textile sector, the applied factory is specialized in fiber weaving and it continuous production line keeps running for 24 hours uninterruptedly. However, the factory has to pay up to 4 million Thai Baht (about 120,000 USD) per month for power consumption in regular production. Therefore the solar energy solution is right a good approach to keep the high bills away. By full using of the sufficient solar resource and large area of idle rooftops, the on-grid energy system will greatly made sound economic efficiency for the company.


After coming to use, the power generating system is estimated to save around 20% of energy cost for users. The managers of the factory were all satisfied with the high energy yields of KEHUA solar system. 

KEHUA Supplies 1.5MW Distributed System for Thai Rooftop Solar Project


About KEHUA distributed system


KEHUA SPI string inverter solution wins the favor of the Commercial & Industrial users because of its good performance, high reliability, strong flexibility and convenient debugging and maintenance.


  • Flexibility

    KEHUA SPI string inverter solution can be greatly simplified installation and maintenance, and the flexibility design allows more adaptabilities in space and availabilities for non-specialist, enabling users more freedom in their management.


    In addition, KEHUA “APP Palm Mode” brings a simple but innovative management concept for managers. All the data of working status can be acquired through APP real-time view of power station, meanwhile intelligent operation and monitoring can be achieved in the cloud platform.


  • Reliability


    KEHUA string inverters adopt the independent high efficiency soft switching technology, the three level circuit topology and the high-power IGBT drive technology, which advance the solar system to the frontier and realize the reliability of whole system.


    KEHUA engineers are obsessed with endurance. SPI string inverter figures the most reliable

    components in its products that need to endure at least decade years in some of the harshest

    conditions. KEHUA string inverters installed around the world are seeing stable performance in applications owe to its high reliable design: IP65 protection, corrosion resistance, and withstand high humidity and temperature, and the Environments in High and Cold Region. 


  • Intelligence

    The Dual DSP+ ARM full digital control technology provides a Self-debugging and failure detection function; WIFI connection, APP, GPRS, RS485, USB interface and other intelligent communication interface optional, maximally expand the possibilities of intelligent maintenance requirements; The photovoltaic system can recognize power grid dispatching instructions, realize reactive power output, obtain power generation benefits and provide reactive power compensation.

KEHUA Supplies 1.5MW Distributed System for Thai Rooftop Solar Project 



KEHUA TECH has experience of 29 years in power conversion and protection industry and is the market leader for solar inverters in China. KEHUA offers a wide range of products and solutions including Central PV System, Distributed PV System, off-grid system and Energy Storage System. Its products and solutions have been widely applied in commercial and industrial users from North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, amounts to 4.5 GW solar installation around the world.


The company is headquartered in Xiamen, China, with presence in 20+ countries and has more than 4,000 employees worldwide, including 700+ R&D engineers. KEHHUA is awarded as the National Technology Center. In 2010, the Group has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Code: 002335).  

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