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Kehua Tech Draws the New Outline Of “PV+Traffic”

  • 2017-07-12

After stepping into maturity of PV solar in agricultural, Industrial, commercial areas, what new fields will “PV+” come into play?

The cities are facing the great power consumption in metro, airport, bus system due to large traffic volume every day, which brings in a great challenge to the city power supply. How can new energy share the load to fulfill the vast power demands? Kehua believes that it is where the distributed photovoltaic power can play its role, which has been long committed to grope for new solutions by using solar energy.

By analyzing the application, Kehua finds the majority of urban transportation systems have good conditions in solar resources and infrastructure base, as well as good local consumptive abilities and grid capacities. Accordingly distributed photovoltaic power generation has the advantages of using distributed power resources, small–scale installation and location near the user. So it would be an ideal solution to this application which rail power system could rely on.

kehua pv+railway solution 

Kehua is skilled and experienced in serving for renewable energy industry especially in distributed PV systems. Its professional solutions have been widely applied in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal buildings, greenhouses and data center rooms.

In urban rail transportation, Kehua is one of the earliest provider of “PV+ Rail” solutions for rail power system in China and the applications have covered near 70 rail lines in more than 30 cities across the country, which have been well proven and highly trusted by customers.

kehua pv+railway solution

Kehua “PV+Rail” solution is focusing more on the reliabilities and flexibilities. For a distributed PV solar system in rail system, construction planning and technical standards should be fully taken account of in making the technical proposal, and optimization of design & installation according to fields layout and orientation, to ensure the high quality energy for the metro’s normal wheeling.

Lately, Kehua has won another bid for roof PV power station program of a metro company again. The power station will not only generate green energy for the metro system, but also can be transmitted to the high voltage power grid of rail transit system to support the other loads by solar power.

In the context of the vigorous development of low-carbon concepts and green economies, “PV+” models will be new trends of distributed PV solutions. As a leading provider in the industry, Kehua keeps innovative in “PV+” exploration for more potential industries to share the new green energy world.

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