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Kehua Tech - Strong Power Guard for 2017 African Cup of Nations in Oyem Stadium

  • 2017-07-21

At the beginning of the year, Oyem-a little town from Gabon in Central Africa, has ushered in its glory moment to be one of the 31st Africa Cup venues. During the event, the Oyem stadium was brightly lit throughout the day and night, lighting up the enthusiasm of African fans. And that’s all thanks to the reliable power supply safeguard from Kehua Tech.


Oyem stadium lies in a forest of Oyem city, which is the capital of Woleu-Ntem Province in Gabon. The construction project undertaken by  Shanghai Construction Group is specially build for 2017 African Cup of nations,  which is a large multifunctional venue set of match, hotel, office, conference, admitting twenty  thousand spectators.


The Oyem stadium construction only took one year and four months starting from September 2 of 2015 and completed in January 9 of 2017. Despite of the heavy tasks and tight deadline, Chinese construction team has still achieved the objective to present an overseas quality project. Ali Bongo, the President of Gabon, visited the Oyem stadium project can not help sighing with admiration : "To complete this work in such a short time is  really amazing!"



Ensuring the perfect installation and application of equipment, Kehua specialist team was dispatched to support the facilities in November of last year. During that month at service site, Kehua engineers strictly took control of each operation and process in installation and commissioning on the customer's site, successfully finished the equipment installation and customer training. Then the project completed on time with high-quality and passed the acceptance.


For this international project, Kehua contributed a high  reliability power solution for lighting system inside the stadium, which provided  a power stable and sustained power resource for load equipment with high  efficiency, high performance and high reliability.




During the event from January 14th to February 5th, Kehua power supply system was perfectly running and being the powerful guard for the events, again proven to be a trustworthy provider for users.


In recent years, with the "The Belt and Road" national strategic depth implementation, Hengsheng is marching into the global market with a more open status. By participating in the construction of overseas EPC projects with China's large central enterprises, Kehua developed a path of product support and system integration in overseas engineering markets, and has achieved many successful cases as following:

Faleolo International Airport of Samoa upgrade project

Headquarters building project of Ethiopia NOC oil company

Chinese library project of Dar Es Salaam University in Tanzania

Maidila TSP device project of Tunisian chemical group (GCT)

Congo (DRC) RTR project

Bangladesh cement plant



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