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“PV+ Agriculture” – KEHUA 20MW Greenhouse PV Solar Project

  • 2017-09-21

In Sep, Kehua’s new technical article was published on the latest PV-Tech Power Volume 12. Depending on decade of devotion in solar energy market, Kehua first puts forward a new mode of “PV+” project in the paper, arousing extensive attention in the solar industry when it was once released.


“PV+” was basically derived from “Internet+” concept and taking the technological advantage of distributed system to push the boundaries of application in energy market. “PV+ Agriculture” is one of the successful attempts in Kehua “PV+” popularization. Now we take a look at an example of 20MW Greenhouse distributed solar project in a mushroom planting base, in Jinxiang, Shandong Province.

“PV+ Agriculture” – KEHUA 20MW Greenhouse PV Solar Project


Located in the south-west of Shangdong Province, Jinxiang enjoys exceptional advantages of light resource with 2433 sunny hours per year. Meanwhile, as a pillar industry of local economic, the mushroom planting grows in the shading space. However, Kehua distributed PV system, neatly unifies these two worlds in an excellent way. The PV panels provide perfect shading space for mushroom growing, and the abundant sunlight converts into electricity power for loads and appliances, maximized utilization of the land and natural resource.


Jinxiang “PV+ Agriculture” project is set in 40 hectares of land, covering 265 greenhouses. It consists of 20MW greenhouse photovoltaic power generation, power plant zone and 35kV delivery district. In April, 2016, the PV power system has been connected to the power grid of Shangdong Province, and it kept a good running condition during the past year and reached its design target of generating capacity.

“PV+ Agriculture” – KEHUA 20MW Greenhouse PV Solar Project


The “PV+ Agriculture” features intensive land utilization and comprehensive economic benefits. From the agricultural greenhouses, solar PV greenhouse increases the utilization of space and decrease the electricity cost. In terms of economic efficiency, each hectare yield a profit of 340,000 USD per year in power generation. In addition, from environmental protection, “PV+ Agriculture” is more environment-friendly with clean energy sel-consumption. The 2.4 million kilowatt solar energy replaced nine thousand tons of coal equivalent, equal to an emission reduction of 28.6 thousand tons of carbon.


Except for the “PV+ Agriculture”, “PV+” have also succeeded in fishery, rail transportation and airport. In the future, Kehua will continue to promote the in-depth “PV+” reform in energy market with its flexible products and solutions.

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