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Walk with the 14th CHINA-ASEAN Expo

  • 2017-09-14

The 14th CHINA-ASEAN Expo was opened on the morning of the September 12 at the International Convention & Exhibition Center in Nanning, China.


kehua china-asean expo 

 The 14th CAEXPO highlights innovation-driven development, promoting export of high-end equipment with advanced technology and high added value and relevant services, to upgrade industrial capacity cooperation between China and ASEAN countries and achieve coordinated development among countries along the Belt and Road routes.


As a leading company of electricity & power conversion and protection industry in Fujian province, Kehua is the member of the Fujian Economic and Trade Delegation participating in the event.


KEHUA turned up in Electrical Appliances & Electronics Pavilion (#B003-004 in Zones E) with its critical power solution and renewable energy system: FR-UK33 Series is designed to deal with the industrial power system, chemical & glasses, data center, automation equipment; The wide application of KR-RM Series in IT and communication system will free man from the complicated maintenance of power supply; In renewable segment, Kehua residential energy storage converter and string inverter offer clean energy solution for residential & Commercial users in expertise and products.

 kehua china-asean expo


As the crucial increasing market for globalization, ASEAN regions were thought highly of in Kehua business strategies. Kehua’s smart power solution and renewable energy system have been widely introduced to in governmental, medical, educational, industrial users among ASEAN countries.


In Thailand, Kehua’s MW distributed PV power solution has been installed on the rooftop of a factory in Bangkok.


In Malaysia, units of large capacity UPS takes on the guard for the power supply in a local glass factory.


In Indonesia, Kehua off-grid power system made a great contribution to “Brightness of islands” Program for local people's livelihood, providing a high reliable power supply for many island residents; Meanwhile, Kehua UPS series products are also working in CT, MRI and other precision medical equipment of local municipal hospitals.


Having been successfully concluded for 13 sessions so far, the CAEXPO has grown into an event of special international influence and plays an important role in promoting the China-ASEAN friendly cooperation and building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. In the future, Kehua critical power solutions and renewable energy systems will play more parts in the infrastructures of CAEXPO member states with the strengthening of regional trade and economic cooperation.

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